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Your Essential List When Travelling Abroad With A New Baby

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Our very own Stephanie, from team GenieBaby, weighs in with some advice on what it was like travelling with a baby (less than 6 months) and lists the essential things you should consider when travelling abroad.

We’re always looking to offer genuine and interesting advice to our readers and in this feature, I’ll highlight some useful tips to help you enjoy your holiday without worrying what to take.


After recently traveling with a 4 month old, I would say it was far easier that I had ever imagined. My only real worries before we set off were the sun and protecting the perfect newborn skin because it can be damaged very easily.

Whilst we were excited about enjoying some winter sun in the Canary Islands for a week, there was a lot of reading, planning and buying before we left for the airport. With this, here is our list of travel essentials that you should definitely think about when creating a checklist for your family.

  • One big nag of nappies packed for the journey to the airport and for the flight, and buy another small bag at the airport for the later days of your trip. (You can pre-order nappies at many airports before you go so check ahead and order it for when you arrive if you can)
  • A good parasol. It worked perfectly and it even doubled up as a play gym as I used toys to hang from the inside and corners of the parasol when were around the pool and in the shade. We did consider packing the play gym from home but ran out of room in the suitcase. Here is the one we used:

Silver Cross Wayfarer/Pioneer Parasol

  • A breathable blanket. We used a Bamboo Swandoodle from Cuski – we don’t have these on the website but there are plenty of alternatives around. Bamboo is known to be good at cooling too, which is great for hot days.
  • A thermometer and first aid kit – it is important to know your babies temperature. Here is a first aid kit below:

LittleLife Family First Aid Kit

  • A good supportive sling/baby carrier is perfect in the airports especially as it can be a walk until your buggy/pram gets returned and carrying your baby after a flight is tiring. Imagine not getting much sleep and then having to use more energy changing your baby from arm to arm. Here’s a carrier we’ve tried and tested and recommend:

ErgoBaby OMNI 360 Carrier – Black

  • A tube of travel wash – we had an issue with poo and this meant we could wash an outfit in the sink overnight.
  • High factor sun cream
  • Small toys that provide lots of fun. If they can be propped up or hung on something, that’s even better. Here’s a wrist rattle that works well:

Lamaze Garden Bug Wrist Rattle Footfinder

These are all very useful items and if you’re going for two weeks (or even longer) you will need to plan nappies and outfits a bit further in advance. A lot of these items will undoubtedly be available in the country that you are travelling to but it may take you some time to find them, which eats into your holiday time. Plus, many of the products will be in the country’s native language and may prove difficult for you to understand.

We would welcome any other tips or advice you had in the comments, so please do leave your thoughts below.

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