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Don’t Worry, Be Parents: Part 3 – Parenting Advice Tips

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Who’d have thought we’d have made it to the third part in the series so soon?! Well, we’re here and it’s been so great to see so many parents getting involved with providing really useful advice for soon-to-be parents.

The aim of this serious is to provide new parents the knwoledge and confidence to help them feel more at ease about parenting and so far, the advice and comments we’ve recieved have been extremely overwhelming, so thank you to those that have already got involved.

In this series of ‘Don’t Worry, Be Parents’, we’ve drafted in the help of 4 bloggers who all blog about very different topics but have one thing in common, they’re awesome parents!


So, let’s find out what one piece of advice they have each shared with us.


(Lee-Ann @ All You Yoga | @AllYouYoga)

“Steer yourself away from negative energy, including the social media or competitive parent comparisons, trust your instincts and high-five yourself for every single little win – in the early weeks, this might even be taking a shower before midday. All of the little wins are big wins in the world of a new parent. You’ve got this!!”


(Sarah @ Welsh Allergy Mummy | @WelshAllergyMum)

“If you have any concerns about your child’s development or health, don’t be afraid to speak to your health professionals.  Once, twice, ten times – if something’s nagging at you, be persistent. 

Remind yourself that you’re also the only mum who knows your child as well as you do.  We have instincts for a reason!”


(Amy Kingston @ Growing Up With Nature | @GrowingUpWithNature)

“Don’t stress about all of the housework, the cleaning, the daily chores. Focus on loving and caring for your baby. All of the mundane can wait, but those little moments disappear all too soon, cherish them.”


(Jo @ Pickle & Poppet | @PickleandPoppet)

“If you want to do something do it now. Go to the cinema, go on that date, be a little selfish, do it for you because as soon as your bundle arrives you won’t be able to “just do it”, you will have to plan it. So just do it now.”


We think you’ll agree that this is extremely sound advice from each blogger! We also really hope you find this advice useful for venturing into parenthood and always remember, you’ve got this!

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