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Don’t Worry, Be Parents: Part 2 – Parenting Advice Tips

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We’re back with Part 2 of our new series which puts parent bloggers in the spotlight.  Our aim is to help new parents to become more at ease with parenthood through pieces of advice straight from those with experience – Mum’s & Dad’s.

We’ve been working with bloggers to help provide their one piece of advice for soon-to-be parents and this time around, we have some new faces.

Don't Worry, Be Parents - Part 2

(Gemma @ Yorkshire Mum of 4 | @yorkshiremumof4)


When asked what her one piece of advice is, Gemma said:


“My best advice would be to not be fussed what others are doing, to do what is right for you and your child and be happy with your choices, so long as you and your child are happy and healthy then what does it matter?!

I used to be so concerned with my first child and worried I wasn’t doing anything right as you are pulled in so many directions with health visitors and other parents, but with my 2nd, 3rd and 4th I just got on with it and as long as the kids and babies were happy, then I ignored everyone else.”


We second that, Gemma!


(Melanie @ Homebody | @homebodymelanie)


Melanie, a Florida-based blogger has also help us with her advice. She said:


“My advice for newborn parents: Find your inner mama bear. It isn’t rude to insist that people who touch your newborn wash their hands first. It isn’t rude to keep your baby covered up in shops. It isn’t rude to refuse visits if your guests will create a big mess and hog your baby. All your newborn needs in this world is to be loved and protected by you.”




We’ve loved working with mum and dad bloggers on this series and look forward to seeking your advice to help soon to be and new parents feel more confident with their new arrival. Thank you and stay tuned!

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