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Competition: Win A Toddler Animal Backpack From LittleLife (With Voucher Code)

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We’d like to wish all of our regular visitors a very Happy New Year and we’re looking forward to sharing more great content, competitions and collaborations throughout 2019 with you all.

On that note, with a new year comes a new competition. We’ve teamed up with LittleLife to offer you the chance to win one of their beautiful unisex toddler backpacks – the Bunny Toddler backpack (shown below).

Bunny Rabbit Toddler Backpack with Rein

Who are LittleLife?

Nursery travel and outdoor accessories brand LittleLife have developed a product range that gives parents and children the freedom to learn, laugh and experience all the wonders of the great outdoors together.

LittleLife’s products are British designed and developed using cutting edge materials and techniques. They test products to UK and European standards and also trial them rigorously in-house. Every design has been deeply considered to help you enjoy the best of life’s adventures, no matter how big or small. Their mission statement is to give parents and children the freedom to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort and safety.

You’ve probably seen their products around – they’re quite popular! If you’re keen to buy one of their products aside from the competition, we don’t blame you, and follow this link to get an additional 10% off site wide – Use Voucher Code: LLWG10.


Competition Details

We’ve teamed up with them to offer you the chance to WIN one of their iconic award-winning Toddler Backpacks with parent safety rein, ideal for little ones on their feet and a strong sense of independence!

To enter all you have to do is complete as many of the actions below and we will pick a winner at random on Monday 21st January 2019. This competition is open to UK and Ireland entrants only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck and stay tuned for more competitions in the coming weeks.

  1. My grandson is 2 and this little rucksack would be perfect for him

  2. Olivia is two and due to start Nursery soon, perfect!

  3. My 1 year old loves to walk outside but obviously wanders off alot this would make it it easier for us.

  4. My niece is 2, she would love this she has just started carrying bags around and loves animals!

  5. perfect for my niece

  6. I know a two year old who would love this as she’s mad about bunny rabbits.

  7. 6 and they love cute and fluffy so this is perfecto !!!

  8. I;d love this for my 2 or 4 yeat old, they’d take it everywhere with them!

  9. Aged 2 – perfect for playgroup!

  10. Ivy is 1 and I’d so love for this to be her first ever backpack!

  11. age 3 she loves animals

  12. My son is age 2 and would to keep little nik-naks such as snacks when we are on days out!

  13. I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity, to go to Romania.

  14. Fab BackPack for my lovely granddaughter who would love this she obsessed with bags lol

  15. My nephew who is 3 later this year

  16. My granddaughter has just turned tqo and loves to explore but hates holding hands, this would be perfect for her to feel free but be safe

  17. My first grandson was born on Christmas Eve and I’d love to win this for when he’s toddling

  18. My child is 7 but it wouldnt be for her, it would be for my nephew who would love it!

  19. My grandson would love this hes 3 years old

  20. Would love to win for my little niece who is age 2

  21. Violet is three and love packing her bag for day trips to Nana’s

  22. love to win for Joe

  23. My 4 year old grandson would love to take this on days out.

  24. My son is 2.5 years old and would love this. The characters are great for him but I love the freedom he will have to explore 🙂

  25. She will be 2 in January. She loves to be out of her buggy and running around so this would be ideal for her to keep her safe!

  26. My granddaughter is coming up for 2 and loves anything to do with bags. She likes wearing them, putting things in them, taking things out of them and putting them on her dollies. She would adore this.

  27. My daughter is 9 months old, this would be great for when shes toddling

  28. My niece starts nursery in May and this cute bag would be the perfect size. Just big enough for all the essentials.

  29. These backpacks are honestly the best couldn’t recommend another!

  30. My son is 18 months and loves bags and loves putting his toys in them, so a rucksack would be idea. He also loves cleaning – which is great 🙂

  31. My daughter is 2, I would love to win it for her as she is an independant little madam and would love to carry her own little bits and bobs around in one of these, she would love the designs, they are adorable

  32. I want to win for my need a who will be two this year

  33. My granddaughter is nearly 2 and would adore the backpack.

  34. my niece is 3 next month and is going to nursery now, and having her own bag, she will be like her big sister who goes to school

  35. My niece is 3 and would love this. We’re always finding random things in her bags and pockets.

  36. she is 3 and I would love to win as she loves animals and she would like this backpack

  37. Age 2 – great for outdoor adventures and playdates too

  38. Nephew is 3 and would love this. He is really into animals in a big way. Great site, love the article about all the different proms, buggies strollers etc. I sometimes think manufacturers like to bamboozle new parents!

  39. My granddaughter is 2 years old and has just started nursery so this would be perfect for her

  40. I have a 6 month old little lady – it would be perfect when she is on the move!

  41. My son is 20 months and we love getting out for walks!!

  42. My daughter has just turned 3 and starting pre school this week so would be fab!

  43. My grandson is 20 months

  44. My little grandaughter is now 3, and she adores anything furry, she would adore one…. Many thanks.

  45. I would love to win this for my 16 month old daughter. She likes to borrow her big sister’s backpack so this would be perfect for her.

  46. these look great fun, my son would enjoy putting stuff in there x

  47. My Daughter is 2 next month and loves to carry her Sister’s school bag around! This would be amazing for her! 🙂

  48. my niece she is 3 and would love this

  49. This is adorable! My little girl Arabella would love to win this. She’s 17 months old and is definitely on the move, this would be perfect for her!

  50. My daughter is 16 months and getting quicker by the day so this would be great

  51. Would be perfect for my grand daughter who is 1 and she will enjoy putting her toys inside and going on her travels

  52. My son is turning 2 in Feb. His current backpack is second hand, so it would be great for him to have new one.

  53. My grandson Oliver is 2 and I’d love to win him this backpack as he’s such a gorgeous big brother to little sister Emilia, born 3 weeks ago

  54. My nephew is 2 and just started nursery so this would be ideal.

  55. She’s two and loves to be grown up so would love to have her own bag to carry while out and about

  56. My friends daughter is 2 and she would love this 💕

  57. My Granddaughter is 4 and loves backpacks to take to school x

  58. My granddaughter has just turned 1 and is now toddling about. She is very independent and likes to carry her own things but still needs her hands to steady herself. A backpack she can carry her things in while keeping her hands free is the perfect compromise.

  59. My daughter is 3, she loves her independence, so carrying a few of her things would make her so happy.

  60. Charlie is 2 he would love his own little bag he starts nursery in September

  61. How adorable 😍 🐌

  62. My daughter is 18 months and this would be fab because she loves carrying a little bag around and I would really love the handle to stop her running off 🙂

  63. harper is 3 she would love this

  64. 2 year old, would be great for our walks.

  65. Age 2 – which would be just fantastic

  66. 1 year old, just learnt walking and he could run so fast sometimes – plus he is a little adventurer and wants to see and touch everything

  67. This would be perfect for my goddaughter Eimear who has just turned one

  68. My granddaughter is 20 months. She would love to put various bits in it when she goes to visit all her grandmas and grandads

  69. 5 because they like animals.

  70. my nephew is 2 and he would love this cutie

  71. My baby ivy-grace she is 1 year old she would love this on her bag with all her favourite toys in thank for the chance

  72. 2 years old and absolutely loves animals

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