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5 Of Our Favourite Highchairs For Babies & Toddlers For 2019

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We have carefully selected five of our favourite highchairs to help new and soon-to-be parents narrow down their search for the perfect highchair. Like many products, it is difficult to find the right highchair but our aim is to make this decision a little easier.

bloom Fresco Gold Chrome Highchair

In regards to the criteria, we look at the following:

  • Best Looking Highchair
  • Best Highchair On A Budget
  • Best Luxury Highchair
  • Best Travel Highchair
  • Best Overall Highchair

So, lets get straight to it …

Best Looking Highchair

This highchair from iCandy is, in our eyes, the best looking highchair. It blends traditional and modern in it’s design but doesn’t compromise on functionality. In fact, it can quite quickly become a piece of furniture in your home that can blend in effortlessly with your other decor.

As your child gets a little older they can continue to use this highchair as a normal chair or even a rocking chair, which shows the real emphasis iCandy have had on the functional design. There are other luxury colours available too and they include teal, burgundy, grey and olive.

iCandy MiChair


Best Highchair On A Budget

Joie are well known with the baby and toddler industry and appeal to a wide market. They’ve done exactly that with this Mimzy Snacker highchair, which looks good, it’s functional and doesn’t break the bank – it is one of the cheaper highchairs on the GenieBaby website.

It folds quickly too – they say one hand fold although it’s not always that easy – so you can have it flat in a couple of seconds making it easy to store away. It is lightweight and convenient, which is what you want from a highchair for the most part.

Joie Baby Mimzy Snacker Highchair, Twinkle Linen

Best Luxury Highchair

The winner of this category also happens to be the most expensive currently on the GenieBaby website, but it almost made it into the Best Looking Highchair category too because we just love the shape and design, not forgetting the colour. It actually has the possibility to change into 3-positions which include newborn cradle, mid-recline and upright. This allows for a lot of flexibility but it does also mean you get (a bit) more bang for your buck.

The Gold colour really makes it stand out from the rest of the market too.

bloom Fresco Chrome Yellow Gold Highchair


Best Travel Highchair

This Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat Highchair wins the best travel highchair award in our opinion. It’s not going to win any awards for style but it does look good and it’s a great stop gap for feeding your child when you’re out and about. It doesn’t take up too much space either which is a huge plus and part of the reason why we felt it deserved to be placed here.

Although it looks plastic-y (and feels it to some degree), it is well made on the whole and is great for convenience. The downside is it only really suits babies up to 15kg.

Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat Highchair – Dark Grey


Best Overall Highchair

To win the Best Overall Highchair award from us a highchair needs to firstly do it’s job, but it also needs to look good, be easy to clean and have longevity. The Cosatto 3Sixti Highchair does all of the above.

It has 6 (yes, six!) position swivels which means you can put it in the position right for you when feeding your baby and it has a smooth lift, which is quite satisfying. Not only that but it is good to look at and there are a few designs available too, so if you’re not a fan of the Watermelon one below (we love this one) then there are other options too. As if that wasn;t enough, it can be easily stored away too, so if you don’t want the melons to be shown all the time, then they don’t have to be. It’s an all-round winner for us!

Cosatto 3Sixti Highchair – Circle Melondrop


We hope this guide has somewhat helped narrow your search for a new highchair, but if you still need help finding the right highchair, we’re always happy to help you find the right one for you and your family. Just give us a shout!

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