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5 Gifts Mum’s Actually Want After Having More Than One Child

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With Mother’s Day (Sunday 31st March – for those that don’t know when it is) fast approaching, we’ve spoken to mum’s from around the UK to find out the gifts they really want after having more than one child.

Sure, jewellery, cards, cake and flowers are nice but there are a whole bunch of other things mum’s are keen to get and we have made a list of them in the article.


More Hands Make Light Work

It’s hard enough having one child let alone having two, three or even more than that, so an extra pair of hands can really go a long way. Mum’s are known for being amazing at multitasking but they can’t do it all.

A friend, a family member or even a robot! Just someone that can help a bit will stress mum out less and is a welcomed gift to help with the children.

A Cleaner

Closely linked to the point above, a cleaner would be amazing! Someone who can keep all of the toys tidy, put all of the tiny clothing away and wipe away that spillage of juice would put mum’s mind at ease. Of course, it would be amazing if a cleaner could help all of the time but just after giving birth or having a newborn at home would be extremely helpful!



This one is a no-brainer but with one child the lack of sleep was tough but now baby 2 or 3 are here, the amount of sleep has gone from minimal to non-existent. A lie-in for an extra hour will go a long way.

When you have more than one child, and the older child is now moving about, it can be very tiring looking after a baby and keeping an eye on a toddler, so having sleep to top up energy levels will keep the peace!

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A Bath That Lasts Longer Than 5 Minutes

Imagine a perfectly hot bath full of bubbles and candles around it, to then sit in it and baby starts crying – it happens, a lot! But, having someone in the house to help attend to the children for 30 minutes will allow mum to rejuvenate and have much-welcomed time to chill.

This is a simple pleasure that often gets forgotten about, but some time to relax can really recharge the batteries.



Having the first child can feel like you’re entering to a whole new world and, to some degree, you are, but the second child can be even harder when trying to entertain the first child. So, a little reassurance that mum is doing an amazing job will trump any cards or chocolates.

Mum’s are equally, if not more, scared the second time around and being told that they’re amazing, is just what the doctor ordered!


There are so many ‘little’ gifts that mum would love this Mother’s Day (and every other day too) but what gift are you really hoping for? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with other parents.


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