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10 Things To Remind Yourself When Becoming A New Parent

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Being a new parent can be tough on your body and your mind, but a gentle reminder every of how well you’re doing every now and then never hurt anyone. We’ve been running a new parenting advice series called ‘Don’t Worry, Be Parents’ and with all of the feedback from new, and experienced, parents we have written an article to help parents feel at ease.


Let’s start with the first of our 10 tips to remember when becoming a new parent:

1. Comparisons should only be done on GenieBaby

Okay, this one is obviously a bit of a plug but parents fall into the trap of making comparisons with their friends children but no two children are the same, even if they’re twins!


2.  Babies do just cry

On the whole, babies cry when they’re hungry, hot, cold, tired or have a dirty bum. If none of these apply, then unfortunately they probably just finding their voice. Relax …


3. Try to sleep when your baby sleeps

This can be easier said than done at times, especially when the house needs a quick tidy, but it is important to get sleep. You need it just as much as your baby does.


4. You’ll make mistakes

Everyone learns different and yes, you may put a nappy on back-to-front when you’re lacking sleep, but it’s okay! You’ll get it right.


5. ‘You Time’ is good time

As new parents, it is important to ‘share’. By this we mean, take it in turns to have some time to just chill. Have a hot bath, or enjoy a TV programme you’ve not watched in a while.

6. The house will get a bit messier than it was before

For those that love a clean house, this might be a tricky thing to come to terms with but there just aren’t enough hours in the day to have a spotless house at all times. Mess happens, tackle it tomorrow!


7. Accept or ask for help

This doesn’t make you a bad parent. It also doesn’t mean you’re a failure. People will have experienced similar and they’ll also help guide you through it. Don’t be afraid to ask!


8. Not everything goes by the book

You’ll have read a lot in the build up to baby’s arrival but not all of it applies to your child. You’ll learn what works for you and your baby over time and not everything you read is accurate. Go back to point #1, not all babies are the same.


9. Get out of the house

It can be comforting to be at home, especially when you have everything you need there, but you need to get out and about because you’ll start going ‘stir crazy’. It’s good for the soul!


10. You’re doing an awesome job

Remember, you’re an amazing parent. Confidence comes with experience but just know that what you’ve done so far is helping you to get better each and every day.

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