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About Us

What Is GenieBaby?

First and foremost, GenieBaby is a baby product comparison website.

It allows soon-to-be and new parents to easily find the latest products and compare them side-by-side so they can see which one they prefer. It’s simple, really.

Secondly, it is a growing community for parents to learn new parenting knowledge, share their own advice and to find the latest reviews and offers.


Why Does GenieBaby Exist?

The reason GenieBaby exists is to service a need that all new parents have when they have children and that is to find products to assist them to be the best parent they can be.

We know time is important to you and we’re constantly adding new products to stay up-to-date with the latest product launches so you can find everything you need, right here.

We’re keen to get your feedback to help us to keep developing and would love to hear from you.

Email us at geniebabyuk[at]gmail.com with any feedback or questions.

We started using GenieBaby when we were expecting our first child and it helped us find so many products really quickly. We loved comparing the products we had been looking at online and in-stores. It’s a great website.
Katie, Sheffield

The Team Behind GenieBaby

It’s always interesting to find out about the people behind the website you’re browsing and so this ‘about’ page should shed some light on who we are and how we came about setting up GenieBaby.

There are two brains behind it all; Thomas and Stephanie.

We’re a husband/wife duo and are from very different working backgrounds but have used this knowledge to create this new baby product comparison website. So, let’s find out a little bit more about each of us.


From a predominantly ‘digital’ background, Thomas has worked for a number of large brands across many sectors helping them with their own digital business strategy.

He is the ‘techy’ one of the duo and has built the functioning aspects of GenieBaby so you can compare products side-by-side. There will be continual developments with the site but Thomas is the one likely behind them, so if you spot any issues, pester him.


Stephanie has a very different background and has worked in healthcare for a number of years. Her knowledge of babies and children is fascinating and brings a unique skill set to GenieBaby.

What’s more, she is a Mum and Mum’s know loads of stuff! That ‘stuff’ is priceless in helping shape how GenieBaby is structured and how we stay relevant for soon-to-be, and current, parents looking for products.

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